County Employees still waiting on Raise

Back in October the BOCC approved a raise for all of the County Employees.   They still have not received this raise.   Currently the HR department is holding up the raise.   They were promised this raise back in October and none of them have received it.   Yet the BOCC has not put any pressure on HR to give all of the employees the raise they were promised.   Why is it that the BOCC got their raise and yet, the County Employees have not.   Is this a stunt?   Are they going to delay the raise until the next contract period?   Will the Employees get back pay for having to wait 4 months on a raise.   Will the BOCC defer their own raise until the employees get theirs?   We need to put pressure on the BOCC to give the employees their raise.   They were promised this raise and when it was approved the BOCC said it was a flat amount for all employees and they are still not getting that raise.

Just like we fought the name change in Holiday, this is another cause we need to fight for.   So please call the BOCC, go to the meetings, write letters get the County Employees their raise.

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