Come out to the Fair!

I will be at the Dade City Fair at the Democratic Clubs booth this weekend.   I will be there Tonight and as much of Saturday as possible.   I have had people ask why will you be there.   My answer is because the people of Pasco will be there and they are what this election is about.   I have had a lot of people come up and talk to me.   Some to try and start arguments but I listen and they leave stunned that I listened and did not argue back.   I understand that not everyone is going to listen to me about every issue but there is often a  middle where we can meet.   The fact that I actually listen seems to be a big factor to the voters of Pasco.

I am also at the fair because we are getting petitions.   I am fortunate to have so many people volunteering their time to get me on the ballot by Petition.   At this time I need 1,258 more petitions by May 21st.   I am working hard to make that happen before March ends so that I can just focus on helping other candidates get on the ballot or just my campaign.

I was saddened to learn that a man with a cognitive impairment was yelled at by a vendor at the fair.   This vendor was very upset with this man all because he supports a candidate.   The fact that this vendor did this to anyone, especially a man with a cognitive impairment is heart breaking.   If he does this while I am there, I will step in and stop this.   This man had no right to treat this man this way.   It is sad that people with disabilities are treated with such hostility.

So please come on out to the Dade City Fair and check out the Democratic Party booth!   We have been having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of great people.   I have enjoyed speaking to the people and getting to know them.   It is an amazing place supporting our Agriculture Industry which is an industry that deserves our support.

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