Come out and help us change the world!

Knocking on doors is an amazing experience.   The stories that you hear from the people are great.   They tell you about their problems their issues and their concerns and they are happy to hear they are not alone.

We have a lot of problems in Pasco but we need to mobilize to give us a chance to change them.   We have been getting people involved and getting them out to knock on doors.   We have made a lot of new friends along the way.   We will be covering both sides of the County this month.   In an effort to get candidates on the ballot.   We have a lot of candidates that need to reach 200 petitions a week to make sure that they qualify.   I currently need 2,176.   I have 389 that are awaiting the official certification and if all of them are approved then I will need 1,787.   We want to get 1,000 petitions in January.   If you cannot come out to one of our events.   Talk to me about standing outside the Library to get petitions signed.   The more volunteers we have getting petitions the sooner we will reach our numbers.   We have a lot of Democrats running for office at this time, for the first time in a long time we only have 2 seats where no Democrat is running.   Normally there are no Democrats running.   We can flip this County!   I have learned from people how tired they are with the current administration and the fact that they ignore the constituents.   The more boots on the ground we have the sooner we can change the face of politics in Pasco.   So if you are interested in volunteering, let me know!

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