Can I vote for you I just got a ballot with…

I have been asked this question a lot lately.   Let me clear this up.   In Pasco County even though we are assigned districts, County Commissioners run countywide.   We have to campaign across the entire county reaching out to all voters even though we are assigned a district.   This is one of the biggest barriers to people running for this office.

Why is only District 4 on my ballot?   Well that seat was vacated by the person that held it so he could take another elected position.   A position that he ran unopposed for.   We have a lot of elected positions that people do not run for so the person who files just gets that position.   No that is not really an election but if we cannot get people to step up to run we will constantly have seats like this in Pasco County.

You will see me on your ballot in November, no matter where you live in Pasco County.

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