Building the network!

I hear this all the time.   That Pasco is a tough county.  That elections and campaigns are hard.   I know that this seat and all of the seats are winnable.   I know that we are going to flip a lot of seats in Pasco but we need to step up and we need to help each other.   The longer we do not challenge them, the longer they will hold the seats that they have.    If you are tired of things not changing, then step up and get involved.   We can always use volunteers and donations.  I know that we also need to help by building the network between our neighboring counties, because we share some seats in common with them.   I am honored that someone told me that i inspired them to run for Hernando County Commissioner and I am excited that someone told me that they know someone that is going to run for Senate District 10.   This gives me hope that we can challenge them in all of the Seats.   Kathy Lewis is running for Senate 20 and I shared her information with some of the Hillsborough County people that I know that are running.   We need to build these networks to support each other to flip these seats.   The only seat we still do not have anyone declared in is 38.   We cannot leave that seat uncontested.   This is the time to challenge them.   Imagine the improvements we will see in Pasco, if we flip these seats.   The blue wave is coming.   We will be washing out the people that continue to cut programs and not listen to the people.   As we work on changing the face of politics in Florida.   This will help us to change what is going on here today.   So if you live in 38, and you want to run, step up.   We need someone to challenge that seat.

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