The war on the name Holiday!

So our current County Commissioners want to change the name of Holiday.   They claim it is because the citizen’s of Holiday have requested it.   Yet every person I have spoken to in Holiday says that they never even knew about this.

I have heard that they want to do this because of the reputation of Holiday and that changing the name will fix that reputation.   That will not happen.   Changing a name never fixes the problems that they have in an area.   What fixes those problems are people working to solve the problems.   If they want to work on the issues of blight in Holiday along 19 bring businesses in that want to purchase the empty lots or vacant buildings and encourage them to build there.   If you want to fix the issues with crime, start neighborhood watch programs and set up community patrols.   If you want to fight the issues with substance abuse, work on funding programs that get people the help that they need.   Changing the name will not solve any of these problems.   It will cause an issue with a lot of the people there having to change their addresses with family members, banks, and credit card companies.   The name of Holiday is a great name, because after all who doesn’t want to go to Holiday in Florida?

So instead of changing the name of Holiday, we need to actually fix the issues that we have in Holiday.   No name change is going to solve these problems.

Why we need to run for all seats!

All I hear is that campaigning is hard.   Well it is hard.   It is a full time job and you have to be the master of time management.   You have to have thick skin and be okay with what people might say about you but it is worth it to make a change.

Here in Pasco we have two seats where the Republican incumbents keep running unopposed.   I have heard it from people that they won’t lose because they have money or they have the support or just that it is a hard seat to win, but yet no one tries.   So if you convince yourself you have lost and you have not even tried, then you have lost.   We need to try.   Continuing to let them just walk in is not an election.   The longer we just keep letting them walk in, they longer they will hold those seats.   We need to be the agents of change and we need to start trying.   I am tired of hearing people already admit defeat when they have not even tried.   So if you have thought about running for office and you live in these districts, reach out and let us know.   It can be done but someone needs to be the brave one and they need to step up and try.


Change is hard but it is Important

I have heard it so many times while out campaigning in Pasco that people want things to change.   They tell me that they are tired of being ignored by their elected officials but they have no idea what to do to change that.  So I talk to them about why voting matters.  I hear from people all that time that they do not vote for many reasons.   Some of those reasons are that there is nothing in their lives effected by Politics, or that they do not relate to the candidates, or they do not believe that voting effects change.    I talk to them about all of the things that are legislated that directly effect their lives.   They often seem stunned and never thought about any of these things before.

Energizing people and getting them involved is very important when it comes to making change happen.   I enjoy talking to the people of Pasco County.   It is a great way to educate them about what is going on, and to get them involved in the process.   As we continue to do our canvassing events, we get more people out every time to work on changing the face of politics in Pasco.   Grassroots efforts do work and they are a great way of reaching the people.   To me what matters are the people of Pasco.   They are the one’s that deserve a voice in politics and they are the one’s that deserve to be represented.

I have been actively encouraging people to  register to vote in Pasco, because every voice matters.   I believe that the only way to effect a change is to get people out to vote.   The people that are tired of a government that does not listen to them.   The people that are tired of corporations and millionaires telling them what they believe is best in their lives.   This is one of the many reasons that I am running for County Commissioner in District 4 and I hope to be the start of a great change for Pasco County.