We need better solutions

As our county continues to grow, we need to be thinking about the future.  We need to be looking at solutions to our growing traffic problems.   Part of that is looking at why we have all of this traffic and fixing that issue.   We can build roads but soon we will have no more land to build them on.  If we continue to use outdated thinking we will continue to have these same issues.   We need to be thinking of the future instead of reacting to issues.   We need a proactive government one that can think about the future.

Where will all this money be coming from and if they did not think that it would cost this much for an interchange what else are they not thinking about?



Had a great time at the Fair!

I had a great time out there supporting our Agriculture business in Pasco.   I got to meet a lot of great people and I got to talk to a ton of constituents.   We were in a booth close to the Republican party and it was noticeable how many people stopped there vs our booth.   Our booth had a lot of people stop by to see us and talk about Pasco.   They did not.   It is clear that people want there to be a big wave of change in Pasco.   People were so happy to hear that they would have choices on the ballot.   They were excited that there are candidates out there that are working to improve the quality of life for all of the people of Pasco.   We had quite a few Republicans that came to our booth and talked to us about how they want there to be a change and how they are disappointed with their party and with their elected officials.   I did not see my opponent at the fair at all.   He did not attend the cow milking and he was not at the booth or talking to the people at the fair.   I understand the importance of the Agriculture business in Pasco.   I understand the amount of people it employs and the amount of food that it helps to produce.   I respect the farmers and the work that they do.   That is why I made it a point to be at the fair as much as I could.   I was there Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.   The fair will be wrapping up today and there will be volunteers of mine there today.   My opponent did not have anyone there representing him nor did he show up at all.

I wanted to thank all of the vendors, the FFA members, The 4H members, the farmers, the sponsors, the police officers, the first responders,  and the workers that made the fair possible.   If it were not for them the Agriculture business in Pasco would not have been as spotlighted as they were this week.   Thank you to everyone that attended the fair and all of our volunteers that worked to get the petitions signed.   We got a ton of petitions this week and I will be dropping more off at the Supervisor of Elections this week.   This gets me a lot closer to qualifying.  I am now off the the Quilt show in New Port Richey, I hope to see you there.

Come out to the Fair!

I will be at the Dade City Fair at the Democratic Clubs booth this weekend.   I will be there Tonight and as much of Saturday as possible.   I have had people ask why will you be there.   My answer is because the people of Pasco will be there and they are what this election is about.   I have had a lot of people come up and talk to me.   Some to try and start arguments but I listen and they leave stunned that I listened and did not argue back.   I understand that not everyone is going to listen to me about every issue but there is often a  middle where we can meet.   The fact that I actually listen seems to be a big factor to the voters of Pasco.

I am also at the fair because we are getting petitions.   I am fortunate to have so many people volunteering their time to get me on the ballot by Petition.   At this time I need 1,258 more petitions by May 21st.   I am working hard to make that happen before March ends so that I can just focus on helping other candidates get on the ballot or just my campaign.

I was saddened to learn that a man with a cognitive impairment was yelled at by a vendor at the fair.   This vendor was very upset with this man all because he supports a candidate.   The fact that this vendor did this to anyone, especially a man with a cognitive impairment is heart breaking.   If he does this while I am there, I will step in and stop this.   This man had no right to treat this man this way.   It is sad that people with disabilities are treated with such hostility.

So please come on out to the Dade City Fair and check out the Democratic Party booth!   We have been having a lot of fun and meeting a lot of great people.   I have enjoyed speaking to the people and getting to know them.   It is an amazing place supporting our Agriculture Industry which is an industry that deserves our support.

Haven’t perfected cloning yet

As a candidate there are so many great groups and meetings that you want to be able to attend.   Often finding the time and arranging your schedule to be at all of them is impossible.    I get invites from a lot of different groups.   Groups that want to talk to me about how they want to see improvements and changes in Pasco County.   So I have to be a master in Time Management because I have not figured out how to clone myself yet.

I have to divide my time and work on where I can and cannot be.   It takes coordination with who will be with my daughter if she cannot attend and how long I can stay at one event.   It takes a lot of determination and the ability to listen and step up when I am there.   I have found that the people of Pasco want to see the change happen.   They want to see the improvements come to Pasco that they have been promised for years.   They know that I am the person to help make this happen.   I am honored by all of the groups that reach out to me and when I am elected, I will not hide until election year.   I will be seen and I will be there for the people of Pasco.

Endorsements and Fundraising

A lot of people do not realize that in order to get an endorsement you have to raise a certain amount of money for some of them.   I currently have 2 pending endorsements if I cross the finish line of raising a certain amount of money.   I have been very fortunate that so many people are willing to work with me on my campaign.   They are willing to knock on doors and they are willing to volunteer and some are willing to donate.   Any donation does help.   It helps with getting the word out about my campaign and it helps with getting my name on the ballot.   I am very close to having my name officially on the ballot.   It is because of all the volunteers and all of the people that believe in my campaign that this is possible.   If it were not for them and their support I would not be here today.

If you want to volunteer let me know.   If you can donate please do.   If you think you know someone that wants to donate, share my link with them.   Getting the money does matter because I need to buy literature, lawn signs, mailers, and campaign materials.  Also I need to get the official endorsements of some of the groups.   It is amazing the amount of grassroots support that I get from people.   It is also amazing when I hear that people are talking about my campaign.   The word of mouth about me is great.   I cannot believe the County wide support that I am receiving just on word of mouth.   So Thank you all for your constant support and if you can please share my donation link and help make this campaign grow.   https://www.crowdpac.com/campaigns/311392/brandi-geoit

Saving the Serenova and why it matters!

Yesterday I was out at the Dade City Fair participating in the Celebrity Cow Milking Contest, because I understand the importance of supporting the agriculture business in Pasco.   My opponent was not there but he sent a sign.   I know that he is busy following my page and my campaign.   I also find it funny that he had to send a rebuttal email to the Suncoast news about the Serenova Preserve.   His email goes on about how we need this road for hurricane evacuation which is not true and how the Preserve was set aside with the intention of building a road.   Which is also not true.   The fact that we have wasted millions over 20 years lobbying for a road to nowhere.   Money we could have spent fixing our infrastructure, working to get good paying jobs here to relieve our traffic issues, money we could have spent elsewhere.   Instead we continue to waste money and time lobbying for a road that the County Commissioners promised to a developer.   A road that will go through a nature preserve and destroy the environment that we are trying to protect.   Land that was set aside because of the environmental impact done by the Suncoast Parkway.   Land that was promised to the citizen’s of Pasco.   A road that we have no idea how much it will cost the citizen’s and a road that we continue to pay a lobbyist for every month.

We need fresh ideas for our traffic solutions.   I know that they are looking at “underground intersections”  as a time wasting tactic.   When it would make more sense to look into light rail and expanding our bus program to alleviate some of the traffic issues.   It would also make more sense to get jobs here that make people able to stay here for work, but then again we would also need to actually pay the county employees what they have already been promised.   Our constant refusal to look at logical solutions is what has brought to where we are in Pasco.   Then again I work here and live here and talk to all of the people here, not all of us can be out fishing all day.

It has been a busy month

I had an interview with the AP of Florida, which was picked up by the Washington Post and the New York Times.  I was interviewed while out walking the Sernova with the group trying to protect it and was then on Bay News 9.   Talking about why we need to protect the Serenova.   I then went to the breakfast at Gulf Harbors Civic Association and helped them bus some tables.   I have been out knocking on doors and talking to a lot of voters.   The more people I talk to the more momentum this campaign gets.  So today I will be out at the Dade City Fair.   I will be milking a cow.   I will be in the Celebrity Cow Milking Contest.   So come on out and cheer me on.   I have not milked a cow in over 30 years, so lets see if I still have it.

Big thank you to the Associated Press of Florida

The other day I was contacted by the Associated Press reporter Tamara Lush about doing an interview with her about Galentine’s Day and the Metoo movement.   I introduced her to Kelly Smith and we interviewed together.   Last night the AP story went live and we have now seen our faces and our words in print in The New York Times and the Washington Post.   This is amazing.   My campaign has received national attention twice this month.   It is amazing that I am not elected yet and I have put Pasco County elections in the national spotlight.   Think about what I will do when I am elected.   It is because of the amazing support of all of the people of Pasco that my campaign has been growing in momentum.  I run into people on the street and they say that they have heard about me.   People are talking about his campaign and that is great.   People are out there talking about the fact that I spotlight the issues.   That I am not afraid to call a duck a duck.   The fact that our County Commissioners continue to be funded by developers and mining companies and do nothing to help the citizen’s is a huge part of the issue.   When i talk to the citizen’s of Pasco I always here that to them it is great that they have a candidate that is actually like them.   A candidate that has worked for minimum wage and has had to struggle.   A candidate that lives on a budget and knows that it is hard to find babysitters on a short notice.   A candidate that has compassion and cares about the people that live here.   A candidate that has always been there and is not just showing up now for photo opportunities.   I am not afraid to talk to the press.   I know that they are there to give out the information so anytime that they want to put me on tv or in the news, I say yes.   I am not afraid to call out our legislators for not paying attention to the people.   I know that we are going to change the way that Pasco County Government is run and I know that I will be there for the people of Pasco and I appreciate all of the support that the people here are giving me.   So thank you to the media outlets and thank you to all of the donors and volunteers to my campaign.

The #pascoproud


I know that when I search Pasco Proud on twitter the images are not the best.   It talks about things in Pasco that some of us do not want to talk about.   they have started a new initiative to change the #Pascoproud and this time it is about illegal dumping.   We need to work on ways to clean up the illegal dumping in Pasco.  I saw it a lot in this neighborhood after Irma, when it took the county a long time to get out here and pick up the debris.   The debris laying around was used by people to go around dumping couches and tv’s and other pieces of furniture on unsuspecting Pasco residents.   I know some of the residents did this but I am certain my 80 year old neighbor did not drag 8 couches out to the curb with her walker.   We have a problem here but we do not have solutions for it.   Maybe we need to open up a day a month for people to put things out to the curb for the county to pick up.   This would eliminate the number of people dumping couches out and about and clean up the issues with blight.   How much would that cost the County?   Is this something that we could even do.   We all have a lot of elderly neighbors that cannot take furniture out of their homes let alone drive it to the dump, would this help them with getting rid of items?   Maybe have a alternating months.   One month for furniture, one month for electronics, and one month for chemicals.   This would eliminate a lot of the issues that we are having.   These are all good questions that we should be asking the county.   We should ask them and make ourselves #pascoproud


Scalloping will be back.


Tourism is a big industry in Florida and in Pasco we need those dollars.   We need those dollars to help clean up our issues with water pollution that constantly closes our beaches which limits our tourists.   We need those dollars to fix the flooding along the West Side which limits the amount of tourists we see and increases our issues with blight.   We need those dollars to improve the quality of life for all of the people of Pasco County.

I get why my opponent wants Scalloping back, he is a charter boat captain and this will benefit him, but are we prepared for this season in Pasco?   Do we have the accommodations or the clean water that tourists want?   It becomes a question of what comes first the chicken or the egg?   I also find it odd that my opponent could not actually speak to the press and instead sent a text message.   What was he doing at the time of the interview?

Yes Tourism is a good business for Pasco but are we prepared for what the tourists will see when they get here?