Big thank you to the Associated Press of Florida

The other day I was contacted by the Associated Press reporter Tamara Lush about doing an interview with her about Galentine’s Day and the Metoo movement.   I introduced her to Kelly Smith and we interviewed together.   Last night the AP story went live and we have now seen our faces and our words in print in The New York Times and the Washington Post.   This is amazing.   My campaign has received national attention twice this month.   It is amazing that I am not elected yet and I have put Pasco County elections in the national spotlight.   Think about what I will do when I am elected.   It is because of the amazing support of all of the people of Pasco that my campaign has been growing in momentum.  I run into people on the street and they say that they have heard about me.   People are talking about his campaign and that is great.   People are out there talking about the fact that I spotlight the issues.   That I am not afraid to call a duck a duck.   The fact that our County Commissioners continue to be funded by developers and mining companies and do nothing to help the citizen’s is a huge part of the issue.   When i talk to the citizen’s of Pasco I always here that to them it is great that they have a candidate that is actually like them.   A candidate that has worked for minimum wage and has had to struggle.   A candidate that lives on a budget and knows that it is hard to find babysitters on a short notice.   A candidate that has compassion and cares about the people that live here.   A candidate that has always been there and is not just showing up now for photo opportunities.   I am not afraid to talk to the press.   I know that they are there to give out the information so anytime that they want to put me on tv or in the news, I say yes.   I am not afraid to call out our legislators for not paying attention to the people.   I know that we are going to change the way that Pasco County Government is run and I know that I will be there for the people of Pasco and I appreciate all of the support that the people here are giving me.   So thank you to the media outlets and thank you to all of the donors and volunteers to my campaign.

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