Apparently my opponent gets another raise this year.

I have been hearing about this a lot lately. That my opponent will be getting a raise this year.  I wonder if they will get their raise before the County Employees will.   The County Employees were promised a raise back in October and yet they have not received it yet.   I am sure that the County Employees could have used that raise for Holiday presents, food, shelter, or other expenses, and yet the County Commissioners will be getting their raises on time.   The fact that our County Employees have not received their raises yet and it is January is disgusting.   These are people that work hard for the county.   They fix our parks, our utilities, run the offices, fix the vehicles, etc. etc.  They need these raises.   Why is it that they get theirs before the employees do?   They should wait on their raise until the HR department actually gives the employees what they were promised back in October.   Or maybe our Commissioners should step in and make sure that they employees get their raises.

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