Adjusting to people recognizing me

As I continue to work my way across Pasco County talking about my campaign.   It is strange that people start to recognize me.   I am used to being the behind the scenes person that solves the problems.   It is strange when people drive by and yell from their cars my name and wave hello.   As I continue to work my way across Pasco building up the momentum of the campaign, it is nice that people are already talking about me.   It is amazing how people are receptive to getting involved and how receptive people are to promising to vote for the first time in their lives.   It shows that when you have the right person, you can make a difference.

I appreciate hearing from the people that I have helped over the years telling me how they are supporting my campaign.   How they are telling their friends and their family about how I have helped them over the years and how I fought for them.   They are helping to fuel this grassroots campaign.   I am grateful for all of the support that people are giving me to help me make Pasco a better place for everyone.

I do need some financial support.   I am honored that people are giving me 10 dollars a month because they know that I will be the one in there making a difference so any amount that you are able to donate will help me with my campaign.

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