2018 here we go!

Happy New Year to everyone.   We have a lot of work to do to turn Pasco County Blue!   We want to get the strong Democrats we have running elected in Pasco, but we still have a lot of seats we are still letting run unopposed.  We cannot let them run without an opponent.   Giving the seats to them without a fight is not an election.   If we continue to let people run unopposed we are saying we are okay with them being in.   We need to run for those seats to show people that they are winnable.   I know that they are winnable and I know that if we ran we could change the face of politics.

2018 is a new year and it is a year that we can get people involved and we can work to change how people are treated by their government.   Remember these are all the same people that I had to tell to pay attention to their constituents.   If you are tired of giving them a pass and letting them just walk in then step up and file.   We have two seats in Pasco that need someone to step up and run.   I know that these seats are winnable and I know that we can flip Pasco Blue in 2018.


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