When you think of Florida, you often think of the Disney and beaches.   Our state is a tourist destination.   We need to be using that draw to bring in the tourism dollars.   Why is it that we have been paying for this sponsorship and no one is making sure that we are getting what we paid for.   We need to increase the tourist dollars coming into Pasco because we have a lot of restaurants, and retailers that need those dollars.   How could our current BOCC just let them take the money and not hold up their end of the deal?

We have a lot of natural Florida here that we can be using to bring in tourism.   We have a large population of naturists as well.   We know what tourist draws that we have here and yet we are not working on increasing that tourism base.   We are paying money for a sporting event and not getting what we were promised out of the deal.   We need to make sure that we can bring tourists into Pasco because those dollars help to spur our economy.

We need a BOCC that is actually paying attention to what is being done with our money and making sure that contracts are being enforced.

Clean drinking water is important

With the County takeover of this water utility the citizen’s in this area will have an increase in their utility bills.   The issue is do we spread the purchase out among all the citizen’s or just the people in this area.   We know that there are a lot of utility companies in Pasco that need maintenance to improve production and to improve the quality of water for those citizen’s.   We need to ask ourselves what is the price that we would pay to ensure clean drinking water and keeping access to it?



We have been actively canvassing in the County.   Going out and talking to the people and getting petitions signed.   I enjoy  canvassing because I hear about what is going on with people and what their issues are.   I have found that there are a lot of issues in Pasco that the citizen’s agree need to be fixed.

I believe that the people need a voice in our government and I look forward to being that voice.   We will be doing a lot of canvassing in January.   We need to get 3,360 petitions countywide and i still have a few more to get.   I have been amazed at the outpouring of support from people in the area that are signing for me or willing to take petitions and get them signed by their friends and family.   There are a lot of people that want to see change in this county and a lot of people that want a voice.   I look forward to serving all of the people of Pasco County and working with them to solve their issues and improve their lives.

Talking to people

I went to the CONA breakfast this morning and had a great time speaking to the people there.   I met a lot of great people this morning and got to learn about all of the issues that they have in Pasco County.

Once one of our Commissioners went up there and mentioned the renaming of Holiday, it started a discussion about renaming it.   I heard it loud and clear from this person that they also felt that this decision to rename Holiday is ridiculous.

We also discussed the issues of Flooding along the West Side.   Flooding is a huge concern and we need to start looking at it in a different way.   So we can fix this issue for all of the people in Pasco.   No one should have to worry that a new development is going to increase the flooding that their family has, or that their neighbor is going to go underwater.

I enjoyed talking to the people today at the CONA meeting.   They were inviting and all of them were happy to hear that I was running and quite a few were excited to help me run.   Thank you to CONA for a great breakfast this morning, a great meeting and a chance to meet such great people.

My time in Facebook timeout

So apparently after I posted about my upcoming fundraiser, someone took it upon themselves to anonymously report my page and google email as spam.   I am not sure who did it, but I did win in the google appeal and I am pending on my Facebook appeal at this time.   So Facebook has temporarily suspended me from posting to groups or inviting people to my events.   So please share my posts and invite people to my events, because I am tentatively on Facebook lockdown until the 19th of December.

Either I am making my opponent nervous or one of his supporters.   I can still post on my campaign page but I cannot share my posts with anyone.   So please feel free to share away.

Penny for Pasco

Back in 2015 voters approved the Penny for Pasco again.   The Counties portion of the funds are supposed to be used as listed:

Pasco County’s share of 45% is distributed as follows:

  • 40% for transportation improvements and to address traffic congestion
  • 20% for economic development & job creation
  • 20% for the acquisition of environmental lands
  • 20% for improving public safety

Yet the County is stretching their definition and borrowing from the Penny for Pasco  to pay developers for a park.     We need these dollars for our issues with traffic, job development, public safety and purchasing environmental lands.   Yet the Commissioners in October voted to pay a developer 30,000 dollars per acre for farmland totaling 4.4 million dollars.   Why are we wasting the dollars that we need for other projects to keep a deal with a developer?

If we continue to use our funds to help out developers and do not use them to help out our citizen’s by improving infrastructure or creating jobs, we are not solving the issues in Pasco.   We need to have commissioners that pay attention to what is going on with their citizen’s not what they can do to help out the companies that fund their campaigns.


Why the environment matters

Our environment matters.   We only have one planet and we need to take care of it.   Building mines in farmland and roads through a wetland is not taking care of it.   We have only one planet to live on and we need to make sure that it is here for future generations.

I am standing with the group that is trying to stop the Lago Verde Mine from being put in farm land at the springs head of the Weekie Wachee Springs.   I do not think that this is a good idea, because blasting near a water source and homes can only lead to problems.   This will disrupt the farms, the homes, and the wildlife that are already there.   I cannot imagine what it would be like to have your homes shaking from blasts as they mine for limestone.   I still cannot believe that our current County Commissioners believe that farm land is the perfect place for a mine.   I understand that they are funded by the mining company but that is not good for the citizen’s.

I am standing with the group that is trying to stop the Ridge Rd expansion.  There is no need for an East West Evacuation road.   Calling it an evacuation road is ridiculous.   During the last hurricane the vast majority of the people went North.   I went East and stayed in Lake Padgett Estates but when I left, there was no one going East.   This road is to appease a promise they made to a developer.   It will go through the Serenova Preserve and will go through a wetland.   The road price continues to increase every year on how much it will actually cost to build the road.   This will be a huge tax increase to the citizen’s of Pasco County for a road that was promised to a developer.

We can develop in Pasco but we need to develop smarter.   Developing on wetlands that will eventually create sinkholes and take homes is not smart.   Building a road right through a wetland will not solve any of our issues with evacuation, but it will cause issues to the environmental land that it is going through.

So if you want more information on these issues and you want to support these causes please check out their pages.   They are trying to save these lands.   It is still possible to stop this from happening.


One of the hardest parts of Campaigning

I get asked all the time what is the hardest part of campaigning for me.   For me it is the Fundraising part of campaigning.  Asking people to give of their time has always meant more to me then money but I understand that money is important to buy things for the campaign.   So I have started asking people for donations.   I always feel bad asking them to give their money to my campaign but I know that it is another way that people can support the campaign even if they cannot donate their time.   I always tell people no amount is too small.   Any amount helps.   I will need to send out mailers, get yard signs, hire staff, and get endorsements.

I have had a group reach out to me and unofficially endorse me, but I have to reach a certain amount in fundraising to show that I am my campaign is viable.   So I have started increasing my fundraising efforts.   I have to raise 52,000 dollars to officially get their endorsement.   So any amount pushes me closer to that goal.   I am chipping away at it on a daily basis.   I have started doing the fundraising calls more often and I have been getting people involved in volunteering for the campaign.   I understand that I need to work on asking them for money for the campaign but the community activist in me is always happy to have people giving me of their time.   I have always felt that someone’s time is one of the greatest things they can give to you.   I will still continue to ask people to volunteer but I am getting better at asking for donations.   So if you can donate you can do it online at my CrowPac account or you can mail a check to me at 8348 Little Rd Unit 139 New Port Richey FL 34654.

I will always be honored to have people giving me their time to help with my campaign and the amount of people that have been giving me their time has been amazing to me.   So thank you to all of the current and future volunteers that we have with this campaign.

The war on the name Holiday!

So our current County Commissioners want to change the name of Holiday.   They claim it is because the citizen’s of Holiday have requested it.   Yet every person I have spoken to in Holiday says that they never even knew about this.

I have heard that they want to do this because of the reputation of Holiday and that changing the name will fix that reputation.   That will not happen.   Changing a name never fixes the problems that they have in an area.   What fixes those problems are people working to solve the problems.   If they want to work on the issues of blight in Holiday along 19 bring businesses in that want to purchase the empty lots or vacant buildings and encourage them to build there.   If you want to fix the issues with crime, start neighborhood watch programs and set up community patrols.   If you want to fight the issues with substance abuse, work on funding programs that get people the help that they need.   Changing the name will not solve any of these problems.   It will cause an issue with a lot of the people there having to change their addresses with family members, banks, and credit card companies.   The name of Holiday is a great name, because after all who doesn’t want to go to Holiday in Florida?

So instead of changing the name of Holiday, we need to actually fix the issues that we have in Holiday.   No name change is going to solve these problems.

Why we need to run for all seats!

All I hear is that campaigning is hard.   Well it is hard.   It is a full time job and you have to be the master of time management.   You have to have thick skin and be okay with what people might say about you but it is worth it to make a change.

Here in Pasco we have two seats where the Republican incumbents keep running unopposed.   I have heard it from people that they won’t lose because they have money or they have the support or just that it is a hard seat to win, but yet no one tries.   So if you convince yourself you have lost and you have not even tried, then you have lost.   We need to try.   Continuing to let them just walk in is not an election.   The longer we just keep letting them walk in, they longer they will hold those seats.   We need to be the agents of change and we need to start trying.   I am tired of hearing people already admit defeat when they have not even tried.   So if you have thought about running for office and you live in these districts, reach out and let us know.   It can be done but someone needs to be the brave one and they need to step up and try.