Keep Holiday!

Some of the Commissioners want to rename Holiday.   The residents that I have talked to, do not want the name change.   Come out to the meeting that they are having and let them know.   I am not sure if there will be a public comment period but your current County Commissioner will be there.   This is your chance to let them know what you think of the idea and about what is going on in Holiday.

Event Details
January 11, 2018
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Time Details:
RSVP NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, JANUARY 9, to Michelle at or by phone at 727.847.8109.
Metropolitan Ministries
3214 US Hwy 19 North
Holiday, FL 34691

Harbors South Leadership Council
Thursday, January 11
Commissioner Kathryn Starkey invites you to join us for the next “Harbors South Leadership Council” meeting on Thursday, January 11, 2018 at 5:30pm. We hope your schedule will permit you to join this important meeting. Topics presented at this meeting will include an update on the US 19 Landscape Beautification Project, Business Tax Receipts and the evaluation of the possible renaming of Holiday.

Come out and help us change the world!

Knocking on doors is an amazing experience.   The stories that you hear from the people are great.   They tell you about their problems their issues and their concerns and they are happy to hear they are not alone.

We have a lot of problems in Pasco but we need to mobilize to give us a chance to change them.   We have been getting people involved and getting them out to knock on doors.   We have made a lot of new friends along the way.   We will be covering both sides of the County this month.   In an effort to get candidates on the ballot.   We have a lot of candidates that need to reach 200 petitions a week to make sure that they qualify.   I currently need 2,176.   I have 389 that are awaiting the official certification and if all of them are approved then I will need 1,787.   We want to get 1,000 petitions in January.   If you cannot come out to one of our events.   Talk to me about standing outside the Library to get petitions signed.   The more volunteers we have getting petitions the sooner we will reach our numbers.   We have a lot of Democrats running for office at this time, for the first time in a long time we only have 2 seats where no Democrat is running.   Normally there are no Democrats running.   We can flip this County!   I have learned from people how tired they are with the current administration and the fact that they ignore the constituents.   The more boots on the ground we have the sooner we can change the face of politics in Pasco.   So if you are interested in volunteering, let me know!

Fundraising and getting people involved

I have been fortunate to have so many people giving me their time to get me on the ballot.   I appreciate all of the volunteers that we have had out at the canvassing events.   We are proving to people that if you have the right candidates that they can motivate people to get involved and that there are people here in Pasco that are willing to make that change happen.   We cannot do it without our volunteers.   They are the backbone of any good campaign and give the campaign the heart and the drive that it needs to move forward.   We have been getting more people out to our events then they have seen in the past.   We are proving to a lot of large agencies that there is a great ground game here in Pasco and that there is a wave of people that are ready to change the face of the people in office.

I have also been fortunate to have some people donating to my campaign.   Fundraising is also key because if you do not get financial backing you cannot purchase campaign materials.   Yard Signs and Literature cost money.   Advertising costs money.   These are things that you need to run a successful campaign.   So yes fundraising is just as important.  On January 11th I will be doing my first campaign fundraiser at Rose’s Bistro in New Port Richey at 7pm.   The requested minimum donation for the event is 25 dollars.   If you are interested in coming to the event let me know.   You can pay online at my Crowdpac

Or at the door with a check as long as I know you are coming.

2018 here we go!

Happy New Year to everyone.   We have a lot of work to do to turn Pasco County Blue!   We want to get the strong Democrats we have running elected in Pasco, but we still have a lot of seats we are still letting run unopposed.  We cannot let them run without an opponent.   Giving the seats to them without a fight is not an election.   If we continue to let people run unopposed we are saying we are okay with them being in.   We need to run for those seats to show people that they are winnable.   I know that they are winnable and I know that if we ran we could change the face of politics.

2018 is a new year and it is a year that we can get people involved and we can work to change how people are treated by their government.   Remember these are all the same people that I had to tell to pay attention to their constituents.   If you are tired of giving them a pass and letting them just walk in then step up and file.   We have two seats in Pasco that need someone to step up and run.   I know that these seats are winnable and I know that we can flip Pasco Blue in 2018.


Wishing you all a Safe and Happy New Year

2017 has been a year full of ups and downs for all of us.   It was a year where we saw a lot of people get involved in the political process.

I look forward to moving us forward in 2018.   I look forward to changing the way that things are done and the way that people are treated by their elected officials.   I have found that there are a lot of people that feel the same way I do.   They are tired of being ignored and they are tired of the officials refusing to help them.   I cannot wait to take my seat  in 2018 and look forward to helping a lot of people take theirs as well.   If you have not checked out the other candidate running for County Commissioner, please do.   Kelly Smith is a great candidate as well and we look forward to working together.   We cannot wait to work for all of you in 2018.   Together we know that we can help to improve the lives of all of the citizen’s of Pasco County.

I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year.   I look forward to working with you next year.

Want to get involved?

If you are tired of hate tweeting about what is going on today and you are ready for a change, come on out and help us change the face of politics in Pasco.   We will be doing a lot of door knocking in January and we have been getting a lot of volunteers out there to help us.   We will be out in Regency Park on January 6th.    We will be meeting at the Regency Park Library at 1 pm and going out from there.   We will then be meeting on January 7th to go out in Avalon Park.   We will be meeting at the New River Library in Zephyrhills at 12:30 pm.   Then on the 14th we will be in Lake Bernadette and meeting at the New River Library at 12:30pm.  Then on the 27th we will be in Beacon Square and meeting at the Zenfini Tea lounge at Moog and 19 at 10:30 am.  On the 28th we will be at Sable Ridge.  We will be meeting at the Land O Lakes Library at 12:30 pm.

If door knocking is not your thing, then come out to Rose’s Bistro in downtown New Port Richey at 7pm and attend my fundraiser.   I am asking a minimum donation of 25 dollars to attend.   Space is limited and filling up fast.   You can pay online at my crowdpac or mail me a check.  

8348 Little Rd Unit 139
New Port Richey, Fl 34654
You can also attend an amazing Democratic event.   The Pasco County Democrats will be hosting a dinner called One Year Later.   It is a chance to meet with other Democrats and hear some amazing speakers.
So if you are looking for a chance to get involved there are plenty of them coming up in January.   I hope to see you there.



Pasco County and Hepatitis and HIV

Pasco County is number 1 in something.   We are leading the State of Florida in Acute Hepatitis B infection rates.   We have an issue.   An issue we are not talking about.   Currently along the US 19 corridor we have an issue with IV drug use.   The sharing of needles is increasing the community viral load.   We know that with Hepatitis B infection rates being as high as they are, it is soon to be expected that our HIV and Hepatitis C rates will soon be spiking as well.

We need to be funding prevention programs, rehab programs, and educational programs.   Unfortunately the current Legislators have been defunding them.   The program that I worked for was eliminated from the state of Florida and now we have to figure out what is going to happen for people living with HIV/AIDS in the future.   Watching the national news and reading about the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS has me very concerned about how things will be moving forward.   We have a problem here in Florida and with the current climate being to cut programs and eliminate assistance, we will be seeing numbers that our community cannot handle.   We need to start electing officials who understand what is going on in their community and that understand about HIV/AIDS, not officials that do not understand what is going on or work under the impression that if you ignore a problem long enough it will go away.   Our current Infection rates are not going away.   We need to start looking at funding sources that can help us.

How can we defund programs when we are having major issues.   This makes no sense.   We need to start reminding our elected officials that people matter and the issues that effect their lives matter as well.


Power Plants!

Electricity is important.   We need to be looking at options for cleaner energy plants.   If they are looking to build another plant in the Spring Hill area of Pasco, why can’t it be a solar farm.   We have a resource that we need to be using.   Florida is known for sun, why are we not using it to power this state.   When Irma went through here we had issues with our power being out.   The traffic lights along 19 were without power and this caused issues when people were returning to the county after the evacuation.

Irma raised some questions about power in this county.   One of the questions was why our traffic lights are not solar powered.   This would have solved the issue of not having working lights.   Another question was, why are the power lines above ground.   We need to be working to improve that and bring them underground.   The winds that we get from a hurricane are going to take down the lines.   The trees that were down on the lines caused issues as well.   If the lines were underground this would have solved this problem.

We need to be looking at solutions in this county that make sense.   We need to start implementing things that show forethought of what is to come in the future.   Yes we will need more power options in the future but will we need another coal or natural gas power plant, or would it make more sense to go solar.

The Tale of Two Pascos

If you have lived in Pasco long enough you will notice that there is a difference between the East and West sides of the County.   The West side is considered the more run down.   The East side is full of the newer developments and the new shopping plazas.   The West side has issues with flooding and road repair and the East side has more traffic issues.   Why is it that our current County Commissioners let it get to this.   Why is it that they continue to neglect things like the parks or what is going on along US 19?   The West side has some amazing people and amazing places to explore yet we do not work with what we have to improve what we have.   The East side also has problems.   The traffic on the East side and the over-development have been causing issues for the residents over there.

So the question becomes how do we solve these problems?   Do we solve the problems with Holiday by changing the name?   Will changing the name of a place improve the issues with blight, crime, and flooding that they have?   Do we just widen roads to handle the traffic issues?  Do we just keep building more roads?   These are the current plans that they have to solve these problems.   There is no forethought in what will happen in the future.   As our County continues to grow, we need to look at how it is growing and where it is growing.   We need to make sure that there are jobs that make people want to stay here.   We need to figure out ways to install things like light rail so we take more cars off the road to alleviate the traffic problems.   We need to look at ways to work to prevent crime to take care of the citizens that we have.  We need to also improve the flooding and the quality of life for all of the citizens in Pasco County.   When we have County Commissioners that are not being funded by developers and by mining companies, we will have County Commissioners that actually want to improve the quality of life for all of the citizens of Pasco County.   That is why I will be that County Commissioner because I care for the people here, all of the people.


Satire why it matters!

Satire has always been an effective way of expressing issues with Politics.   It is a way for politicians to know where they are falling short.   I have learned that some of the current elected officials have actually complained about satire sites about them and had satire twitter pages taken down because it upset them.   Why would you think that your constituents thought the site was actually you?   It even said on the site that it is a parody account.   I do not understand how it is that you can go into politics without thick skin.   People are going to say things about you and make fun of your bad decisions if you make them.   Satire has always been a way for the people to show the politicians their issues and concerns with what they are doing.   Why is it that current politicians feel that no one should point out the issues with their current policies?   When we limit the freedom of the people to speak out against the issues that they face because of politicians we are limiting free speech.   I look forward to the satire of me, when I am elected.   I know that it will be a way for me to learn about what people think of my policies and what I am doing.  So keep up the satire sites of the current elected officials.  It will give them things to try and shut down in their spare time and keep them busy.