The County will have…

I am glad that we are taking precautions in case of an act of terrorism such as what happened at Pulse.   It is good that they will be at the County buildings.   I feel that they should also be at the schools and also at the local bars and restaurants.   This is in response to what happened at Pulse.   A horrible mass shooting fueled by hatred.   We should be asking that these kits be distributed not just to the County buildings but to all of the County.   These kits should be kept in our Parks, our Libraries, our Schools, our Bars, and any of our campgrounds.   It breaks my heart that we have to worry about incidents like this.    I don’t think that these kits should just be with the AEDs that we have.   These kits should be put everywhere that people go to.   As a society no one wants mass shootings like Pulse to happen but we need to start preparing for what happens if they do.   We need to be aware of how to take care of a wound and how to do basic first aid.   Do we start teaching this in schools?   Do we start showing our children how to take care of people when they are injured?   With what we have going on today we might have to.   I do not want any tragedy like this to happen anywhere but it is good to be prepared for when it does happen.    So we need to be aware of where these kits will be throughout the County.

I hope that we never have to use these kits but it is a good start having them in case something happens.

Help the fight against the mining!

The neighbors by the mines are still fighting it from coming in.   They are in need of support.  They want to protect their property, their families and their water.   We cannot keep permitting things in the county that directly impact the citizens.   So if you can help in any way please reach out to the community.   You can take a look at their petition and contact them through there.

Local issues matter!

I hear it all the time.   That people do not vote in the midterms because only the “big” elections matter.   Well the midterms matter as well.   This is the supporting cast election.   This is the down ballot elections.   The elections for the people that make the decisions that impact your daily lives.   The people that can decide what schools get improvements.   The people that decide what to do about the Flooding in Pasco.  The people that get to decide about permitting mines and expanding Ridge Rd.

Down Ballot elections matter.   They matter because they make a lot of the decisions that we deal with daily.    Currently every state office is up for election in Pasco.   Every State Office.   That includes the Governor as well.   At this time there are 22 people running for Governor in Florida.   Yet most people do not vote during the midterms.   If you want to change things like I want to.   You need to ask your friends and your family if they vote.

We currently are seeing programs being cut in Florida that directly impact Pasco County.   We constantly see the Affordable Housing take a cut, yet we have a large population of homeless individuals in Pasco.   We constantly remove or eliminate the programs designed to help them.   If we do not have programs for them how are we supposed to work to end the issue of homelessness.   We need to start funding the programs that our county needs to solve it’s problems.   We cannot do that if we keep having the same people in there that only care about their donors and what their party says to care about.

We will have primaries in Pasco.

This year we will have primaries in Pasco for some of our seats.   We will have options.   I advise researching who the candidates are and making the best choice for you.   What this does mean is that we will have a lot of people voting in August for the primary and a lot of people making choices for our School Board.   Currently there are 3 seats open and 10 people running.   We could see School Board Candidates on the November ballot.  When was the last time that happened?   I suggest researching all the candidates.   Following them online, and attending the debates.   With everything going on with our Schools here in Pasco this is the time that you could change the face of the School Board.

If you need to update your voter registration or sign up for vote by mail you can do that online.   Check and make sure that your registration is up to date.   This election is important.   We have a big chance here in Pasco to change the way things are run.  So talk to your friends about voting and make a plan to get to the polls.

People are starting to file!

It is amazing how many people are signing up to run for office.   We need good qualified candidates to run.   It is time to oppose them instead of allowing them to just walk in.   We still have municipal seats that people need to sign up for in Pasco.   We still have seats that no one has filed for in Dade City, Port Richey, San Antonio, and St. Leo.   We need to build a strong foundation.   Down ballot elections matter.   If you are interested in filing and are not sure if you are in the cities then you can look it up online or on your voter registration card.

We also still need someone to step up for House Seat 38.   It is time to actually fight for the changes that we need and deserve.   The longer we allow people to run unopposed we will continue to have the same policies in place.   We will continue to see the programs that we need to help our citizen’s cut, we will continue to see the unions that we need to help bring good jobs attacked, we will continue to see the public schools defunded and devalued.   It is time to step up.

Then there is State Senate seat 10.   A seat that we need to contest.   The possibility of flipping the Florida Senate is within our reach.  The longer we allow people to run unopposed the longer we say that we are okay with it.   i get that it is a tough campaign but we have never tried.   The fact that he has never been opposed by a Democrat shows that we have never once tried.   Yes it is a large district.   It is part of Pasco, all of Hernando and all of Citrus.   There are people there that also want change.   It is just a matter of getting someone to step up and say yes I will run.

Campaigning is a full time job but it is worth it.   When I speak to people about me as a candidate they are impressed.   These are people that never voted before but have been registered for years.   These are people that gave up on their government because their government gave up on them.   These are the people of Pasco County and they deserve better.   They deserve elected officials that do not play on their phones and ignore them.   They deserve elected officials that understand what they are going through in their lives and care about them.   So if you are this person then please step up.   It is time for a change!  


Why I am running.

I hear this question a lot.   I was asked and told for years that I should run for office.   I am told that I have an amazing knowledge of the issues and an ability to look at things from both sides and come up with logical solutions.  So the question is why now?    Well the State of Florida eliminated some programs that helped a lot of people.   These were people that I worked directly for.   These people are underserved and often forgotten in the system and the system is hard to navigate without a person advocating for them.   These are people that are living with AIDS, Traumatic Brain Injuries, and Cystic Fibrosis.   These programs were eliminated from the State Medicaid program.   I signed up to run because I want to fight for the people that cannot fight for themselves and continue to be forgotten.   I have watched as elected officials play on their phones and openly ignore their constituents.   I have watched as elected officials refuse to listen to the problems of their constituents and actually tell them that “it could be worse”.   I know that we have a lot of problems here in Pasco but if we continue to ignore the people, these problems will never be solved.

I have also been actively trying to find someone to run for every seat in Pasco County.    I am doing this because it is time to contest all of these seats.   The fact that these elected officials are never contested is why they are still in office.   This is why we continue to have the same options offered to us.   When I talk to people who tell me about their benefits being cut, it is heartbreaking.   As I walk around the county and talk to the voters, I hear their stories.   I hear what is going on with them and how the County ignores or forgot about them.   I talk to them about what is going on and what I would do differently.   This seems to give a lot of the people who are registered to vote but have never voted before motivation to actually vote.   I know that it is hard to unseat an incumbent, especially one that continues to run on his fathers name, using his logo and signs, but it can and will be done.    Right now a lot of the incumbents are scared.  Scared that they will lose the seats that they feel entitled to.  As I work to make sure that all seats are contested and that all of the women running get elected, I think about how this will improve the lives of everyone in Pasco County.   We have a lot of great Female Democrats running and I know that they will win as well.   I know that Kelly and I will work well together on the County Commission.   I also know that Kathy Lewis will do amazing as a State Senator.   I know that Linda Jack and Tammy Garcia will knock it out of the park together in the State House.   Joan Hook will also do an amazing job on the New Port Richey City Council.   We will be changing the face of elected officials in Pasco County because we are all strong women running as Democrats in Pasco.   Now it is the job of all of us to reach all of those voters and get them to the polls.

Pasco teachers ratify contract

Giving the necessary wages to employees is key to keeping them here in Pasco.   If we continue to underpay our County employees they will leave for better paying jobs.   We need to make sure that we have the right wages here to keep people here.   The more employees we have to keep retraining the more money we spend on just trying to retain people.

Congratulations to the Teachers and the Staff of the Schools.

More building issues in Pasco?

With all of the concerns over homes and sinkholes.   It appears that there is another issue that some homeowners have to worry about.   Why weren’t homeowners notified?   A sinkhole repair not being done correctly is something to be worried about.   A roof not being repaired correctly is something to worry about.   Please check the list and see if your house is on it.   I hope that they start a checks and balances system to prevent anything like this from happening again.



Sinkhole update!

So after all those meetings and getting community input on what they wanted.   The Commissioners look like they will be going with what the Commissioners wanted to do in the first place.   Put a fence up and leave it there.   This raises so many issues for the residents of Lake Padgett Estates.  The homes in that area, will not sell.   Having an unrepaired sinkhole near a property or in the neighborhood is not a selling point.   The homes nearby will constantly worry if the hole will open up again and community safety will become an issue.   I understand that repairing it will cost money, but what price tag can you put on quality of life and reassurance that your home will not be swallowed up by the earth.

I still want to know how far out does the original lake bed go?   How many more homes and sinkholes will there be in this neighborhood?   What are the residents going to do living next to a decorative fence?   How is a decorative fence a viable solution?


Adjusting to people recognizing me

As I continue to work my way across Pasco County talking about my campaign.   It is strange that people start to recognize me.   I am used to being the behind the scenes person that solves the problems.   It is strange when people drive by and yell from their cars my name and wave hello.   As I continue to work my way across Pasco building up the momentum of the campaign, it is nice that people are already talking about me.   It is amazing how people are receptive to getting involved and how receptive people are to promising to vote for the first time in their lives.   It shows that when you have the right person, you can make a difference.

I appreciate hearing from the people that I have helped over the years telling me how they are supporting my campaign.   How they are telling their friends and their family about how I have helped them over the years and how I fought for them.   They are helping to fuel this grassroots campaign.   I am grateful for all of the support that people are giving me to help me make Pasco a better place for everyone.

I do need some financial support.   I am honored that people are giving me 10 dollars a month because they know that I will be the one in there making a difference so any amount that you are able to donate will help me with my campaign.